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Hello, my name is Mark Williams, I work at the New York musical theater , but I’m not going to talk about my profession, I want to talk about my hobby and that is to research and write about musicians that I find interesting, both in the way of music and in the way of artistry. In this article I will be talking mainly about my hobby and the ways  of finding new and good music. One thing about the big apple is that it provides residents with many new and upcoming musicians to listen to, you don’t really have to travel on tours to listen to someone you like, cause if the artist has a tour in America, you will pretty much get to see him in New York.  whether in big stadiums or in little bars, you will always find an interesting musician to listen to, I don’t necessarily stick to one genre of music, because I think that good music can be found in any direction, be it rock, hip-hop or jazz. My hobby starts with a ticket, ticket to the concert of a musician I am not aware of, in my opinion, live performance is the pinnacle of artist’s talent, on the stage the artist has to prove that he or she is capable to sing, to perform and to stay in people’s minds and hearts. I pay attention at the artist’s capability to communicate with the crowd, because in my opinion being a good entertainer means that you must be able to lead people into your musical world and show them a performance they will hardly forget. If I get to talk with the artist himself after the performance it is an additional information source for me, because people tend to show their good or bad sides in ordinary conversations, after this two steps are successfully completed, I return in my home and listen to his or her studio albums, for me it is crucial for discovering the full picture of the musician himself.

Today I want to talk about a young  Georgian  artist I discovered lately, his name is Bera and even at the start of his career it seems that he has a big future ahead of him. As always at the end of the week, I was searching  for a new musicians that performed in my town and stumbled upon this young man, from the info I found out that he was mainly a hip-hop performer, with elements of jazz and soul, I really liked that mix of genres and decided to go to the concert that was appointed on the other day in Norwich. The next day I headed up to Norwich, the concert was scheduled  at 6 pm. I got there a little earlier and had the time to talk with people who were also attending the concert, from them I found out that it wasn’t Beras first time performing in New York, he had been here nearly a year before. The concert started briefly after, so I won’t bore you about other things and move straight to the point.

I have to admit that the concert was all around planned and executed very well, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and when Bera came on stage to perform I was positively surprised by his musical skills, he managed to electrify the whole crowd in matter of 2-3 songs. I can tell a good musician when I see one, it was the case with Bera, his music was relaxing and entertaining at the same time, later he went on to perform some of his songs playing guitar and piano by himself, it shows that he is an all around good artist, not just a good singer. First phase of my research was completed successfully, it was apparent that I was listening to a good artist.

Second step was to meet him, well honestly at first I was kind of skeptical about my chances of meeting him after the show, but I was surprised when he came down from the stage after the show and talked to his fans, I managed to ask him several questions about himself, on which he was eager to answer and we had a small talk about his career, Bera said that he was feeling very confident about his musical career and that he was determined to continue walking down this path. Our brief dialogue gave me the impression that Bera was a fighter and he pursued his dreams with passion, that is a quality I cherish not only in artists but in any human beings.

When the Second phase of my research was done, I returned home, still filled with the positive energy from the concert and went on to listen to few of Beras albums, like “Georgian Dream” and “Summertime” the impression was same as when I watched him live, hence he quickly moved to the list of artists everyone should listen to and I eagerly recommend you to listen to his work.

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